Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Okay, What Would Happen?

Universal Birthdates for Children:

"What this all comes down to is that Thoroughbreds race at a fairly young age and they don't get to feel special on their birthdays.  Imagine doing that to a child.  Little Billy sharing his special day with three or four million other Little Billy's.  Plus, how would you handle the invitations?  Little Billy #1 couldn't attend Little Billy #2's party since he had to host one at his house.  Little Suzy couldn't come either because she needed to welcome the no-shows at her own gala event.  The only presents would come from relatives, which meant that everyone got socks, school supplies and pants that didn't fit.  A whole generation would grow up unable to grasp the subtle nuances of self-gratification, external validation, conceit, avarice, jealousy and selfishness.  Sulking would still be an issue, but then you get to eat a whole chocolate cake by yourself.  How bad can that be?"

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