Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More shameless commerce...coming summer 2012

Some days, we all feel like orphans.  In the fall of 1962, the whole world almost shared in that sudden realization; that in the end, we might all be completely alone.

A boy, a girl and a horse...discards from a world gone slightly mad.
On a hard journey home...back to reason, to trust, to the infinite possibilities found in simply being alive. 

400 pages...very expensive!  You have any idea how hard it is write that many pages?  Geez...


And yes it has lots of horses, a worthless dog, bad weather, pigs, a really serious ringworm infection, mystery pseudo-sex (you have to work this out in your own imagination), a crotchety old bastard that sounds too much like the author, Velveeta cheese, nuclear weapons, indoor plumbing, bad liquor, fleas, lice, Baptists, Negroes in leather jackets and at least six lawyers in 3 cities: Seattle, Toronto and little ol' Paris, Kentucky. Sorry, no horseshoeing, but we have a little fun with an equine vaginal speculum and an Erector Set. Ha!  Yes, it is quite possible that I'm completely 'round the bend.  First book already proved that point!