Friday, December 16, 2011

Paralytic Loading Disease

You can use your scariest coat! 
 Very often our equine charges are required to use public transportation.  Most horses can't get driver's licenses because of the vision test.  You know, when your eyes are located on the side of your head?  Well hell, they can't do the written exam either since they can't read English and are assumed to be color-blind anyway.  Then there are the difficult hand (hoof) signals, the seat won't go back far enough, hard to text wearing horseshoes and since horses are rather large, the windows steam-up constantly.  So they go by bus...or something similar.  Now, most horses tend to balk at walking into a dark, metal, noisy contraption that resembles a third-world gas chamber that's bound to exceed the posted speed limit.  So a little encouragement may be necessary to overcome this natural reluctance horses experience when they first hear those terrifying words:  "Honey, let's take the freeway."    


Or a buggy whip -- This handler won't be flossing anymore.

Get more guys! Guys love this shit.

Play hide & seek!  That way everybody's lost.

Teach the horse to sit. Real crowd-pleaser! 

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  1. Obviously you took these photos in the pre-Monty Roberts, pre-Parelli, etc. age. Horses just walk by themselves now.

    On the serious side, I have actually heard horseshoers say something along the lines of "Let's pack up and get out of here before they are ready to start loading the horses on the van and need us to help."